Service Sheet 17

Planet TS2+2 R/C Setup

This service sheet covers the basics of setting up a Planet TS2+2 R/C set for use on a Roundhouse classic or budget series engine.

With the antennae wire on the left hand side the receiver ports should read, top to bottom; BATT 6/CHAN 5/CHAN 4/CHAN 4/THR/STR. Plug your batteries into the BATT 6 channel, your throttle servo into the THR channel and your reversing servo into the STR channel. Black wires should go to the right hand side.

Power up the transmitter and turn on the receiver. The transmitter and receiver may already be bound, if this is the case the receiver light will remain on and the servos will respond to the handset. If the transmitter and receiver are not already bound the servos will not respond. To bind the transmitter to the receiver press the link button on the handset as you turn it on and hold until bound.

Using a flat screwdriver gently turn the DR1 and DR2 dials up to maximum. These can be used to fine tune the the servo throw if required by turning the corresponding toggle switches ON and turning these dials down. In the OFF position the servos will have maximum throw.

To reverse a channel turn the handset off and hold the trim toggle in one of two directions. Turn on the handset while holding this in place and the handset will beep. If the channel hasn't reversed hold the trim switch in the other direction and repeat.

Trouble Shooting

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