Service Sheet 12

Silver Lady Smoke box Front Change

Early batches of 'Silver Lady', were built with an opening smoke box door. Unfortunately, these are prone to damage and have now been replaced with a one piece smoke box front. Replacement is very straight forward as detailed here.

Step 1.
Remove three cheese head screws that attach the front foot plate to the chassis. FIG 1 shows the front screw 'C' and the right hand screw, 'B'. The third is as position 'B' but on the other side of the smoke box.


Step 2/
Slacken, but do not remove, the front boiler clamping screw ('A' in FIG 1). This will allow the front of the boiler and smoke box to lift up very slightly.

Step 3/
Slide the front foot plate forwards and remove from the chassis. It is complete with the smoke box saddle and will slide out if the boiler is lifted very slightly as in FIG 2.


Step 4/
Once the front foot plate has been removed, you will see the front smoke box clamp screw under the front of the smoke box wrapper ('D' in FIG 3). Slacken, but do not remove,this clamp screw.


Step 5/
The front of the smoke box, which is a zinc casting, will now pull straight out of the front of the wrapper as shown in FIG 4.


Step 6/
Remove the dart from the center of the old smoke box door and attach it to the new casting with the original nut on the inside.

Step 7/
Plug the new casting back into the front of the smoke box wrapper and set the door hinges to the horizontal.

Step 8/
Tighten the front smoke box clamp screw ('D' in FIG 3) to hold it in place.

Step 9/
slide the front foot plate back under the smoke box and replace the three screws.

Step 10/
Tighten the front boiler clamp screw ('A' in FIG 1).

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