Charles & Linda

Linda, Blanche & Charles

This model is now discontinued.

The Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds, built three 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotives for the Penrhyn Railway between 1882 and 1893. Of very similar design, they were named Charles, Blanche and Linda after members of the Penrhyn family and, for over 60 years, they operated the main line slate trains between Port Penrhyn and the quarries.
In 1962, Linda and Blanche were purchased by the Ffestiniog Railway where they were to become the mainstay of their locomotive fleet for many years and are still in regular use today. Charles had become unserviceable by this time, and was placed on permanent loan to the National Trust and moved to Penrhyn Castle Industrial Railway Museum in a cosmetically restored condition. All three were re-united in 1993 at the Ffestiniog Railway for their ‘Hunslet Hundred’ gala celebrating the locomotives 100th anniversary.
Linda and Blanche have gone through many changes since their move to the Ffestiniog Railway, most notably, the addition of tenders, re-profiling of the cab roofs and the addition of leading pony trucks. Blanche received the most radical changes as she was converted to piston valves and now has the very distinctive round topped valve chests together with a half cab fitted to the tender.

We offer three different models which are based on the locomotives during Penrhyn and early Ffestiniog days.

Technical specifications of the model:-

Name & works plate set
Each model comes complete with a full set of etched brass name and works plates for you to fit yourself.

The Roundhouse model of these world famous and well loved locomotives is available in the following versions:-

Option 1—Linda in early Ffestiniog Railway form.

Linda in FR form
Linda in early Ffestiniog Railway form.

Linda detail view
Front detail of Linda in early Ffestiniog form.

Option 2—Linda and Blanche in Penrhyn Railway form.

Option 3—Charles in Penrhyn Railway form.

Charles with r/c
Charles with radio control.

Charles manual version
Rear view of Charles with manual control.

All versions are available with either manual or full radio control. On radio controlled models, some equipment is housed in the tender for the FR version of Linda whilst the Penrhyn Railway versions have the addition of a typical quarry coal wagon.

Charles detail view Charles detail view
Detail shots of Charles.

Please note that Blanche in Ffestiniog form and Linda in later 2-4-0 form are not available.

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