Victoria 1982-1984

The first commercial model from the Roundhouse stable! 'Victoria' was a model of an 0-4-0 vertical boilered tram locomotive that ran on the Plynlimon and Haffan Railway and was launched in February 1982. She had a single cylinder operated by slip-eccentric valve gear and a spirit fired vertical boiler.

Lady Anne Mk1

Lady Anne Mk1 1982-1983

'Lady Anne' followed 'Victoria' very shortly and was originally an 0-4-0 slip-eccentric, spirit fired model as shown here. She very quickly acquired a polished brass dome and one or two other refinements. Radio control was also offered with the radio equipment housed in a four wheel tender. All these early models had tin-plate superstructure.

Dylan Mk1

Dylan Mk1 1982-1994

'Dylan', an 0-4-0 saddle tank using the same chassis as 'Lady Anne', was launched in October 1982 and made it's debut at the Garden Railway Show at Welshpool the same year. Dylan was finally discontinued in 1994.

Lady Anne Mk2

Lady Anne Mk2 1983-1984

Lady Anne receives a full cab like brother Dylan

Charles Pooter Mk1

Charles Pooter Mk1 1984-1990

1984 saw the introduction of Charles Pooter. This was an 0-4-0 side tank with Hackworth valve gear, but still with external spirit firing. This is a photo of the first version, with tinplate body. The model had been produced in limited numbers by the late, great, Jack Wheldon, who enticed many modellers out into the garden with his superb articles and tales of his 'Border Counties Railway' in the railway press during the 70's and 80's.

Steamcraft Mountaineer

Steamcraft Mountaineer 1984

It is not common knowledge, but Roundhouse produced parts and assemblies for the Steamcraft 'Mountaineer' locomotive. Here we see a batch going together in the first workshop around 1984. Roundhouse produced there own full version of this loco in 2012.

Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot 1985

Start of production of an 0-4-0 vertical boilered loco something like a DeWinton, called 'Coffee Pot', for Brandbright Ltd. It was gas fired and powered by oscillating cylinders and was offered with or without a roof.

Old Colonial

Old Colonial 1985-1988

Introduced in 1985 'The Old Colonial' was essentially an 0-6-0 Lady Anne with a rear bunker, working headlamp, spark arrestor chimney, cowcatcher, dummy wood loads and several other extra details. This proved quite a popular model, especially in the rather fetching livery illustrated.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne 1986

Another special for Brandbright Ltd, this time based on 'Lady Anne'. She was in apple green livery lined in white, 0-6-0 and with much extra detail.

Charles Pooter Mk2

Charles Pooter Mk2 1986

Charles Pooter also received a further face lift and gained square spectacles and a brass dome amongst other detail improvements.

Mr Merlin's Pooter

Mr Merlin's Pooter 1986-1987

Tom Cooper, formally of Merlin Locomotives (now there are two names to conjure with) commissioned Roundhouse to produce locomotives for him when he parted company with Merlin. Tom advertised this under his 'Steamlines Models and Publications' (SMP) banner as Mr. Merlin's Pooter though it was known as TTE (Thomas's Tank Engine, apologies to a small pale blue tank engine with a grey face) at the factory. Not many were produced before Tom moved onto fresh pastures and the model was withdrawn early 1987. It used the Charles Pooter chassis/boiler with a new body and cast smoke box.


Anna, Helene and Zillertal 1988-1990

The major modification was the fitting of Roundhouse cylinders to the Beck locomotives. All three models were discontinued in 1990.


Erica 1988-1989

Erica was a reincarnation of Mr. Merlins Pooter but aimed at the continental market. It now featured spark arrestor chimney and a more continental livery.

Beck 1988

Erica was a reincarnation of Mr. Merlins Pooter but aimed at the continental market. It now featured spark arrestor chimney and a more continental livery.


Fowler 1988-Present

The Fowler made it's debut at the Welshpool exhibition in August 1988. This is a 0-6-2 tender locomotive with Walschaerts valve gear and internal gas firing. This model is still in production today and from 2010 was made available in kit form.

Charles Pooter Mk3

Charles Pooter Mk3 1988-1999

Pooter is updated to latest type squared end axles and self quartering outside cranks plus adjustable gauge wheels. Pooter is finally discontinued in 1999 and the last model was built February 22nd 2000.


L&B 1990-1995

The Lynton and Barnstaple 2-6-2 was an internally fired tank locomotive with slip eccentric valve gear.


Jack 1990-1998

Jack was a 0-4-0 internally gas fired model on a complete new chassis. Discontinued in 1998 he was brought back for a limited special edition in 2009.


Elsa 1990

Elsa was a model produced specially for Garden Railway Specialists of Princess Risborough in the UK. It was an 0-6-0 saddle tank with tender and was based on the former Jack model. This model is now discontinued.


Fiji Fowler 1991-1999

A detailed model of a Fowler 0-6-2 side tank locomotive that ran in Fiji on a sugar cane railway. This engine was manufactured for Brandbright Ltd and was discontinued in 1999.


Micheal 1991

Michael was a special produced for a company called SMD Models and was really a Dylan without a saddle tank.


Billy 1991-Present

Billy is a 0-4-0 model loosely based on an Arthur Koppel design for a standard small tank locomotive. The model is still in production today as well as being available in kit form.


Gungadin 1991

This model was specially produced for Garden Railway Specialists and has since been discontinued.

SRRL#24 Mk1

S.R.&R.L.#24 Mk1 1991

oundhouse's most detailed model at the time of it's release, this model is still in production after receiving a re-design in 2003.

Liberty & Bangalore Bell

Liberty & Bangalore Bell 1992

Two special locomotives produced for Brandbright, both based on the 0-6-2 Fowler. Liberty Bell is a US style 2-6-2 and Bangalore Bell a 'Colonial' style 0-6-2. Both engines came with tenders.


Argyll 1992-2004

This was a model of 0-6-2 Argyll, built In 1906 by Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co. Ltd. of Kilmarnock for the Campbeltown and Machrihanish Light Railway in Scotland.


William 1995-2007

William was a 0-6-0 locomotive, supplied with a tender, that was based on a Arthur Koppel design similiar to Billy.


Stanley 1995-1998

Based on typical tram designs found in Europe and the UK Stanley was discontinued in 1998 but was reintroduced for a limited edition run in 2014.

Lady Anne Mk3

Lady Anne Mk3 1995-Present

The lady was radically updated to bring it into line with the other models being produced by the factory at this time.


Deko 1998

A six coupled version of Billy, produced for our French agent 'Vapeaur Express'. Now discontinued.


Katie 1998-Present

Katie was launched at the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers AGM and convention at Stoneleigh and is still in production today.

Russell Mk1

Russell Mk1 1998-2015

This is a model of 0-6-2 tank locomotive Russell from the Welsh Highland Railwy and was first shown at the 1998 Welshpool show. It received a further face lift in 2015 and is still in production today.

Liberty Bell Mk2

Liberty Bell Mk2 1999

The Brandbright 'Liberty Bell' is re-launched with a face lift.


Millie 1999-2021

A new range of budget locomotives was launched at the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers convention in March under the heading 'Basic Series'. For this model a new external gas firing system, called an 'FX Burner' was developed.


Bertie 2000-Present

Bertie is launched at the Welshpool show in September as the third of our 'Basic Series' of models.


Sammie 2000-Present

Sammie is launched at the Small Scale Steam up in Diamondhead Mississippi during January and joins Millie as the second of our 'Basic Series' of model.


Forney 2000-2004

The Forney is announced in December as the new addition to our 'Classic Series' of models. It features a number of radical changes from normal Roundhouse practice - piston valve cylinders, reversing steam valve, articulated power bogie and mixed gas firing system.

Darjeeling B Class

Darjeeling B Class 2002-Present

Launched at the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers convention in April, this was the most detailed an definitely most popular model to date.This model is still in production today.

SR&RL#24 Mk2

S.R.&R.L.#24 Mk2 2003-Present

The model undergoes a complete re-design and face lift to bring it in line with current production methods and make improvements. Changes include a fully sprung chassis, white metal castings replaced by more detailed lost wax brass castings and laser cut parts, and extra detailing added.

Vale of Rheidol

Vale of Rheidol 2004-2011

Launched in March and first shown at the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers convention in April, this follows on from the standards set by the Darjeeling 'B' class two years previously and takes them to new heights. It introduces a few new features to Roundhouse models such as working steam whistle and drain cocks.


Carrie 2005-2007

Launched in April and first shown at the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers convention, this was a new version of the old Charles Pooter locomotive designed using current production methods and with internal gas firing, water top up system etc.

Linda, Blanche & Charles

Linda, Blanche & Charles 2006-2009

Launched 1st April and first shown at the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers convention, this new model comes in three versions - Ffestiniog Railway Linda, Penrhyn Railway Linda or Blanche and Penrhyn Railway Charles. Charles was reintroduced for a limited run in 2012.

Silver Lady

Silver Lady 2007-Present

As part of our 25th year we introduced Silver Lady as a special version of our longest running engine, the Lady Anne. Silver Lady is still in production today.

Criccieth Castle

Criccieth Castle 2007-2015

Roundhouse Engineering's first ever battery powered diesel locomotive.


Taliesin 2008-2012

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in March, this was our second articulated locomotive after Forney, but this time with conventional slide valve cylinders using a modified version of our inside valve gear.


Atlantic 2009-2012

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in April, this is a return to the C & M L R for Roundhouse as we produced a model of 'Argyll' from 1993 to 2004. Atlantic sees the model brought in line with current production methods, adds a few extra features and brings the size much closer to scale.

Jack Mk2

Jack Mk2 2009-2012

Due to popular demand, Jack is re-introduced for one final run. A limited edition of just 100 engines was announced in August and all orders were filled by October for production during 2010.

Tom Rolt

Tom Rolt 2010-2012

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in April, this model of the Tallylyn Railway locomotive, is the smallest loco ever produced by Roundhouse.

Leek & Manifold

Leek & Manifold 2011-2022

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in April, this is a model of the Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway 2-6-4 locomotives.

Mildred & George

Mildred & George 2011-2014

Launched in August, two new freelance designs of an 0-4-0 locomotive with or without tender.


Mountaineer 2012-2016

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in March, this is a model of the Ffestiniog Railway (ex WD) 2-6-2 locomotive.


Alco 2012-2021

Introduced by popular demand following the launch of Mountaineer, this is a WD 2-6-2 locomotive.


Charles 2012-2015

To celebrate the 130th birthday of this popular locomotive and the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Penrhyn railway, Charles is re-introduced to the range.


Karen 2013-2017

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in April, this is a model of the WHHR 0-4-2 tank locomotive Karen.

Little John

Little John 2013-2019

Also launched at Stoneleigh, our long awaited second diesel locomotive.


Beddgelert 2014-2018

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in April, this is a model of the NWNGR 0-6-4 saddle tank locomotive Beddgelert


Stanley Limited Edition 2014

Due to popular demand, a limited edition of 100 locomotives is announced.

Harlech Castle

Harlech Castle 2014-Present

Launched at the Llanfair Garden Railway show in August, Harlech Castle is a further addition to our diesel locomotive range.

Darjeeling D Class Garratt

Darjeeling 'D' Class Garratt 2015-Present

Launched at the Stoneleigh show in April, this is a model of the DHR 0-4-0+0-4-0 class 'D' Garratt locomotive.

Russell Mk2

Russell Mk2 2015-Present

To celebrate the return to traffic of this popular locomotive, Russell receives a facelift with much extra detail.


Bulldog 2015-Present

A further addition to the diesel range.


Bundaberg 2016-2018

Launched at the Peterborough show in April 2016, this is a model of a 0-6-2 Bundaberg Fowler.

Darjeeling NDM-6

Darjeeling NDM-6 2016-Present

Launched at the Peterborough show in April 2016, this is a model of the Darjeeling NDM-6 is another addition to the Roundhouse Darj range.


Lilla 2017-Present

Despite her small appearance Lilla made a big impact when she was introduced at the Peterborough Show in April 2017, the real Lilla is still operational on the Welsh Highland Railways which may have been a factor on her success.


Merseysider 2018-2024

A small but powerful addition to the Roundhouse Diesel engine fleet, thanks to her chain driven axles, she is a superb example of prototypical design and good model designing.


Clarence 2018-Present

Our previous tram engine left a big impression and started a demand for another tram engine. To meet this demand we introduced Clarence, a highly detailed freelance design.


Jennie 2018-Present

Little did we know how successful this smart tender engine was going to be when it was launched at the 2018 Welshpool Garden Railway Show but it has proved be one of our most popular Basic series engines to date.


David Lloyd George 2019-2022

First annouced mid-2018 this 0-4-4-0T double fairlie locomotive was finally launched officially on New Years day 2019. The model is based on the David Lloyd George, built by Boston Lodge Works in 1992 and currently in service on the Welsh Highland Railway.


Hercules 2019-Present

A surprise announcement in early 2019, this open cab diesel is largely based on a Bulldog but with the addition of a cab seat; makes this a perfect little loco to add figures to.


Davenport 2020-2023

Our 2020 release was an American heritage loco, loosley based on prototypical examples produced by the Davenport Locomotive Works.

Taliesin Mk2

Taliesin Mk2 2020-Present

Back by popular demand our Mk2 Taliesin was supposed to be a surprise announcement at the National Garden Railway Show but the COVID-19 lockdown scuppered these plans. Instead the loco was launched as part of a online only show being hosted by the 16mm NGM Assoc. This re-release featured improved detailing over the original Taliesin and lessons learnt from the David Lloyd George double fairlie from the year prior.


Palmerston 2021-Present

The Small England locos were always on the 'to do' list for us but for a long time it was put off as it couldn't be offered in 32 and 45 mm running gauges. In 2021 we finally took the plunge and launched our Palmerston in 32mm gauge only. Plates for the other Small Englands 'Prince' and 'Princess' were provided so the loco could be run as those if one were willing to forgive a few cosmetic differences.

Darj C

Darjeeling C Class 2022-Present

A big year brought our biggest engine to date! Filling in another letter in the Darjeeling alphabet this model measured over 70cm in length and was packed with bodywork and casting detail. Despite concerns that the large size may limit sales, up to a 100 were ordered within the first year of orders opening.


Dylan 40th Anniversary Limited Edition 2022-2024

To celebrate 40 years of Roundhouse Engineering Co Ltd we release a reproduction of Dylan, one of our first production models, limited to 100 locos. This model captured the look of those early locomotives while making use of modern methods and technologies. The first 80 were reserved within the first month!


Harrogate 2023-Present

A loco with a varied past this 0-6-0 saddle tank loco had traveled around the UK narrow gauge railways before residing at the Statfold Barn Railway. Seeing the increase in popularity of the SBR, and with the locos connection with the FR, this was an obvious choice for a smaller loco following on from the years previous Darjeeling giant.

Harlech Mk.2

Harlech Mk.2 2023-Present

Launched as a surprise announcement at the Assoc.SMT AGM in 2023 this brought our pre-existing Harlech diesel in line with the current look of the prototype as could be found on the FR today.

Linda Mk.2

Linda Mk.2 2024-Present

One of the most in-demand locos makes a return after a 15 year absence. Linda came back largely untouched but for a few minor cosmetic tweaks and ease-of-running improvements.


Conway Castle 2024-Present

An unexpected launch, coming out at the same time as Linda Mk.2, but this rugged diesel battery loco proved just as popular.

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