Current Roundhouse Locomotives

All locomotives are built and thoroughly tested in our own workshops by a dedicated team of craftsmen. The use of our own designs of standard, time proven parts has gained Roundhouse an awesome reputation for reliable and hard working models. Currently, we have twelve different models in our 'Classic Series' , three in our 'Basic Series'and one in our new 'Diesel Series', or perhaps you want something a little more Special.

All current Roundhouse locomotives will operate on curves down to 2' (600mm) radius unless otherwise stated.

Please note that the COLOURS shown below and in pictures are for guidance only. Due to the many variations in photographing in differing light conditions and settings, producing digitized images and displaying them on monitors of almost limitless quality and capability plus slight variation in paint shade from one mix to the next, they cannot be relied on as being accurate.
If the particular shade or exact colour is important to you, we recommend a visit to our factory showroom where you can see them as they really are.

All of our models, with the exception of 'Sammie', are available in any of the following standard colours.

Please remember to state which colour is required at time of order
Black Darjeeling blue Royal blue Deep Brunswick green Crimson Lake Brown
DHR blue
Deep Brunswick green
Crimson Lake
Deep Bronze green Yellow Maroon FR Victorian Maroon WD grey
Deep Bronze Green
FR Victorian Maroon
WD grey

Phoenix Pricision Paints
A range of touch up paints for current Roundhouse models is now available from Phoenix Precision Paints. Click on their log to go directly to their web site.

'Diesel Series'

After 25 years of manufacturing steam locomotives, 2007 brought our first model using batteries and electric motor instead of a boiler and cylinders.
We now have three battery powered diesel outline locomotives, offered in ready to run form and built to be the equal of our steam locomotives in both performance and level of detail.

NDM-6 Darjeeling NDM-6 an 0-4-0 diesel loco.
Harlech Castle Harlech Castle an 0-6-0 diesel loco.
Little John Little John an 0-4-0 diesel loco.
Bulldog Bulldog an 0-4-0 diesel loco.

'Basic Series'

A range of inexpensive locomotives which we call the 'Basic Series�.
Offered in ready to run form with slip-eccentric valve gear and gas firing but capable of being easily enhanced by the customer, using our accessory packs. A great deal of development has preceded the launch of this range to enable us to offer models of a lesser specification and lower price than those of our �Classic Series� without compromising our reputation for performance and reliability. To achieve this, we have evolved a very simple basic concept that uses the minimum number of parts and is very quick to manufacture.
They will appeal not only to �first time buyers� who have to purchase a complete railway with their hard earned cash, but also the �well heeled� operator who just wants a simple but reliable fill up and go loco.

Basic Millie locomotive Millie an 0-4-0 tank loco.
Basic Sammie locomotive Sammie a US style 0-4-0 saddle tank loco.
Basic Bertie locomotive Bertie a British style 0-4-0 saddle tank loco.
Click Here to read Tag Gortons review of 'Millie' from Railway Modeller magazine
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'Classic Series'

All models in this series share the following features:-

Current models are:-

Lilla Hunslet Saddle Tank Locomotive 'Lilla' 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive
Darjeeling 'D' class Gattatt Darjeeling 'D' class Garratt 0-4-0+0-4-0 Garratt locomotive
Beddgelert Beddgelert 0-6-4 saddle tank locomotive
Karen Karen 0-4-2 tank locomotive
Alco Alco 2-6-2 tank locomotive
Leek & Manifold Leek & Manifold 2-6-4 tank locomotive
Silver Lady Silver Lady 0-6-0 Anniversary edition locomotive
Daejeeling 'B' class Darjeeling 'B' class an 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive.
Billy an 0-4-0 Koppel locomotive.
Lady Anne an 0-6-0 UK style side tank locomotive.
Katie an 0-4-0 UK style saddle tank locomotive.
Bundaberg a 0-6-2 Fowler tank locomotive.
Russell a 2-6-2 Hunslet tank locomotive.
Fowler an 0-6-2 tender locomotive.
S.R.& R.L. #24. a 2-6-2 Baldwin tender locomotive.

All our locomotives are supplied with full operating instructions, A special tool pack containing basic items needed for operation (steam oil, filling syringe, spare seals etc.) and are fully guaranteed against faulty parts or workmanship.

Roundhouse Rolling Road

Roundhouse now supplies rolling roads for the static running of your locomotive. Click on the image below for further details.

HBK-D2 chassis kit

Locomotive Lining

These companys will transform your engine with lining and lettering from a very wide range of styles and colour schemes.
Full details on their web sites.

Lightline banner

Berry Hill Works

Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works

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