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Jack was originally introduced into the Roundhouse range in 1990 on a new 0-4-0 Walschaerts valve geared chassis. He proved to be a very popular model, and the chassis became a standard design that was later used on several other models. Production was discontinued in 1998 when he was replaced by Katie.
Although freelance in design, he has that generic saddle tank look and borrows features from a number of British locomotive builders.
We have received many requests to re-introduce Jack and have decided to manufacture a short run in 2010. The run will be limited to just 100 models.

We want to keep the new model, as far as possible, just as the original design. However, the following changes will be made.

Each model will carry an extra brass number plate as well as its standard serial number stating it's position in the run e.g. 01/100 and will also have a commemorative certificate.
Once the 100 models have been sold, no more Jacks will be produced.

Technical specifications for 'Jack'.

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