Home Builder Parts for Isibuto

For those of you who are building the Isibuto locomotive designed by Keith Bucklitch, we are informed that the following parts are suitable.
Most prices are on the main price list which you can either view online or print out. Items not appearing on the main list are priced here.
Please note that any enquiries regarding the construction of Isibuto, or the use of Roundhouse parts in this design, should be directed to Keith Bucklitch

  • AB4 - Axle bush. Brass 1/4" bore, (pack of 4).
  • ACA - Axle 1/4" dia stainless steel with squared ends complete with 2 plain outside cranks 5/16" throw (self quartering).
  • C - Cylinder assembly. 9/16" bore x 5/8" stroke. Slide valve type. Sold in pairs.
  • BPG - Basic series pressure gauge and syphon.
  • BURL - Long burler bracket. Combined boiler mounting foot and bracket for attaching burner.
  • BSBF - Basic Series Banjo. Banjo type steam turret set.
  • CPS6 - Crank pin 6BA, 1/8" dia. shoulder (pack of 6).
  • CSB - Cast smokebox for 2" gas boiler. Specify Billy type when ordering.
  • FS - Frame spacer 1/4" square brass.
  • GBI - Gas burner internal (FG type).
  • GTWF - gas tank with fittnigs - A type 'A' is required.
  • REGM - manual steam regulator.
  • SS - Stainless steel superheater - SRRL #24 type required.
  • SV - Safety valve threaded 5/16" x 32 40 psi blow off.
  • WD42 - Wheel 42mm dia. Disc pattern. Steel, bored 1/4" with grub screws, insulated, nickel-plated, flanged or flangeless.
  • WGBS - Water gauge only, Basic Series.
  • WVG - Walschaerts valve-gear set (for two cylinders).

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