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PLEASE NOTE - This model was discontinued at the end of 2007.

This latest model is a perfect mixture of old and new, combining as it does, one of our early designs with present day Roundhouse technology.

Back in the 1970’s, and 80’s, the name of the late Jack Wheldon and his ‘Charles Pooter’ class locomotives, were synonymous with garden railways. His monthly articles in the model press bringing tales of his endless development of spirit fired locomotives, model test reports and general workshop chatter, inspired many a budding 16mm railroad tycoon. Roundhouse were fortunate to have the opportunity of taking over his well known design, and in 1984, Charles Pooter became our flagship model, only ending production in 1990 after a steady decline in the desirability of spirit firing in narrow gauge circles. The rather unusual name of this class of locomotives was taken from a fictitious Victorian character who’s day to day exploits first appeared in ‘Punch’ in the late 1800’s and were later published in book form. Many of Jack’s models sported names of other members of Mr. Pooter’s family and acquaintances.

Following numerous requests over the intervening years to re-introduce ’Pooter’, we have finally succumbed and offer ’Carrie’ as his family successor. Though visually very similar to ’Charles Pooter’, mechanically there are many changes to bring the design in line with current customer requirement . With this in mind, a name change was required to avoid confusion and, what better than Carrie, Charles Pooters beloved wife.

Hackworth valve gear on Carrie
Hackworth valve gear.

Just as on the original, the model has Hackworth valve gear and the distinctive front sand boxes, but now incorporates new features such as internal gas firing and a boiler top up system with water gauge. We are sure that Carrie will prove equally as popular today as Pooter was twenty years ago.

Carrie cab view
Cab view of Carrie showing water gauge.

Technical specifications for 'Carrie'.

Carrie rear view

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