Pete's Bargain Basement

A highlight of our factory open days was 'Pete's Bargain Basement' stand selling end of run parts, wonky bits and loose components. Now we are no longer running our open day Pete has moved his rummage sale online and will continue to bring you odds and ends he finds around the factory. Parts are limited by availablity and once they've gone they're gone. So grab yourself a bargain and call/email the factory with your order today.

There is a minimum order of £15, not including postage, on all Bargain Basement purchases.

Click on the photo for a closer look.

Rejected Mild steel lasercut cab parts from budget series Bertie, all with slight issues. No cab backs remaining. £4 per part
Mild steel lasercut cab parts from budget series Jennie, all with slight issues. £4 per part
Mild steel lasercut cab parts from budget series Sammie, all with slight issues. £4 per part
Brass etched William tender parts. No front plates remaining. £10 per part
Boilers And Gas Tanks
Tested 1 3/4" boilers with water gauge mount and three 5/16x32ME boiler bushes, comes with test certificate. £60 each
Tested 1 3/4" boilers with pressure gauge pipe, 5/16x32ME threaded steam takeoff turret and 3/8x24UNF boiler bush. Burner mount holes are threaded 6BA. Comes with test certificate. £60 each
Brass frame spacers with three M3 threaded holes £1 each
Darjeeling cast buffers, pair, with casting issues. £10
Bundaberg sand pot top, with 4BA threaded hole underneath. £3
Bundaberg headlamp, with M2 threaded holes. £2
Cast Beddgelert clacks. £1 a pair
Clarence buffers, rough white metal casting. £4 a pair
Dummy water cap £2 each
Brass etched doors £2 pair
Brass etched grill £1 each
Brass etched sanding lever £1 each
Square brass etched spectacles £2 for four
Brass etched VoR spectacles £2 for a set
Vale Of Rheidol tool chests, 2 per flat etch £4
Smokebox And Chimneys
2" smokebox casting, some defects £25
Argyle Chimney £2 each
Atlantic Chimney with 1/2x32ME thread £2 each
Billy smokebox casting, for 2" boiler, some defects £25
Tom Rolt chimney with saddle and nut £2 each
Vale Of Rheidol Chimney with nut £2 each
Mountaineer Chimney £2 each
Lyton & Barnstaple Smokebox with Door, unfinished casting £55
Peco SL802 Railing fixings, pack of 100 £4
Peco SL911 G Scale Insulated Rail Joiners, pack of 12 £1
Peco G Scale, left hand turnout, used condition. £45
Peco G Scale, right hand turnout, used condition. £45
Plastic spoked wheels on 32mm gauge metal axle £8 a pair
LGB 3000/1 Plastic spoked wheels on 45mm gauge axle £8 a pair
Machined budget wheels, front and rear set, some defects. £8 for front and rear set, £16 for full set of four.
Steel wheels without bushings. £4 a pair

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